A More Informative Employee Directory

Find exactly what you’re looking for with searchable employee profiles

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Give employees context to work better together

Your people are your biggest asset. Our employee directory makes it easier than ever for them to learn about, find, and connect with each other. An employee’s profile shows the basics, like their email address and phone number, but you can customize what else they share, like Myers-Briggs type, desk location, “how to pronounce my name,” and more.

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A staff directory that helps build stronger connections

Your staff directory and employee profiles are filled with rich data that helps your team stay engaged and connected. Aside from all of the interesting info they choose to share, when you look at someone’s profile, you’ll see recognition from peers, what groups or teams they belong to, their reporting chain, and any upcoming milestones.

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Quickly find subject matter experts

Searchable employee profiles help you find coworkers by name, office location, department, skills, interest, subject matter expertise, and more.

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Access everything on the go

Our directory app makes it easy to find someone’s contact info, Slack handle, and more when you’re away from your desk. Play the Who’s Who flashcard game to brush up on names and compete with coworkers’ to rise to the top of the leaderboard.

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Securely store private info

Intra Crew has protections to help you keep employee data private that need to stay private. Easily set permissions for who can access certain info, while everyone else gets access to info that helps them work better together.

Seamlessly integrate your people data

Our integrations make it easy to get your employee info into Intra Crew. When you connect your HR or IT software, the employee directory is populated and invites can be automatically sent to your team.

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