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Easily manage and track all vacation, and leave requests from one system. From calendar integrations to automatic notifications—and everything we takes care of time-off for you.

April 2022

Work at your comfort zone

Have a employees valuable self-service access to updated vacation, sick, and PTO time. Increase your satisfaction and high productivity all at the same time.

March 2022

Manage the Work with flexibility

Say goodbye to verbal responses or even approvals on paper forms. Now HR receives time-off requests as part of efficient digital workflows, and can approve them in just one click.

February 2022

Manager Approvals

Managers immediately receive the request and can take the appropriate action. The employee is notified in email for a seamless workflow.

January 2022

Absence Tracking

As part of the larger time and attendance system, Intra Crew provides absence management capabilities, so we can track absences, communicate to employees, and stay up to date at all times.

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