Build the Org Chart that Connects Your People

Easily visualize your company for your leaders, team, and board

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See how everyone’s connected

Our Org chart is a beautiful depiction of your company—who reports to who and how departments fit together. Scan the Org chart to see info at a glance, or dive deeper into individual employee profiles to learn more about the people you’re working with.

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Keep it up to date, automatically

A traditional org chart means painstakingly typing names and roles into boxes...only to realize it’s out-of-date the second someone receives a promotion, changes their name, or joins the company. When you integrate with your HR or IT software, any changes to employee data are automatically updated in Intra Crew.

Learn more about our Integrations

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Get the word out about open roles

Let your people know about opportunities to advance or find a better fit within your company and increase applications from internal candidates. Make it fun and easy for your team to quickly see who they’d report to and work with. You can even include a description of the role and instructions to apply.

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Securely share your org chart with anyone

Intra Crew makes it easy to securely share your org chart with people you trust, like consultants or your board of directors. You can also embed it in your intranet, or even go analog by downloading and printing. We support whatever flavor you choose.

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Plan for the future

Our org charts both reflect your organization’s current reality and help you define its future. Collaborate with others on private org charts to visually explore ideas for a reorg, think through hiring plans, and work to get everyone into the right roles. When you’re hiring, post open roles on the live org chart to let everyone know about available opportunities.

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