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git helps to store the data in github, and with the help of version control system we can manage all the version at the same time

Wanted to learn github,how it works? what is it ? where it is used? you can get answers right here with the help of code snippet.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

I’m currently working on Cloud Services.

🌱 I’m currently learning AWS , Terraform .

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git is StorageCell, it saves up to date code with the help of version control management. you can find the cheatsheet of github code, with the help of that you can handle git commands.

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each commands has its own interlinking operations

How did you get started in git?

Github is the cloud area where we can send data to store with the help of git. More over present cloud platforms like AWS,MICROSOFT and GOOGLE CLOUD working on there cloud store cells. we can store the huge amount of data, and we can share as per requrirement and hide.

you can get a detail idea of git at github
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